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December 30-Harry's Report on The Miracle of Christmas Show

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I'm forwarding an email Dad sent to Randy Johnson and an email from our mission pres. I thought you would like to read dad's words. Hi family!

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Begin forwarded message:

From: Harry Schultz <heshela@gmail.com>
Date: December 22, 2014 at 10:43:25 PM CST
To: Randy Johnson <rjohnson@bhleste.com>
Subject: The Miracle of Christmas

Well Randy, you made Nancy and I look really good by letting us do your show.

 It was a smashing success. (of course there are always a few glitches).  About 600 the first night and about 850 on Sunday.  Lots of community support from non-members, about 1/3 were non-members.  

Saturday Night we had  a VIP reception with ministers and Civic leaders from surrounding communities. 

 Narrators, Matt and Rebecca Bean from Macomb
The Choir was about 65 strong.  Children's Chorus about 3, a 15 member Bell Choir and a 17 piece orchestra.  I had a man and wife as narrators, Matt and Rebecca Bean from Macomb.  They are professional voice-over artists and Christmas Carolers. They were amazing and brought the script alive. 

The FM guys built light trees, hung (12) 750 watt lights from the West Theater of the Visitor's Center and also hooked up all the sound (5 speakers, 24 input mixer board, 10 cordless mikes, and special hanging choir mikes)  There are two quality cameras already installed in the Stake Center Chapel, with a switcher and toggle unit to change camera angles and zoom.  They also have all the projectors and cables.  So I'm spoiled.

BUT, it was your help giving me the music and videos that made the concert. 
Right before the concert started. Choir and orchestra in place.

I started with the Bell Choir doing, "I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day, with the Carolers joining with "Carol of the Bells"/  Then "Joyful and Triumphant."  It was a great opener with the audience singing and getting into the Christmas spirit. 

Next The Live Nativity of "Slumber Song" and "Silent Night" with Joseph, Mary and their 2 1/2 month old baby entering doing a tableau on one side of the stand.

Next the children all came in with  "Star of Bethlehem" and "What Child is This." (Shepherds came in during this) on to "Friendly Beasts" then "Do You Hears What I Hear" (Most people who talked to me afterwards commented on how the children were such a delight).
Then "We Three Kings" with 3 great singers. One was the Narrator, who is the director of vocal music at Western Illinois University. I had Wise Men come in  and enter the Nativity Tableau.  One was a black guy from Nigeria who is in one of the wards.

Next, "What Shall We Give." and "The First Nowell" and"God Bless Everyone" with Bell Choir, Children" and Choir. And "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."  The lineup worked good and it was very spiritual.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for it all.

I did hit my head on an air duct  in the Stake attic turning on the permanent projector at the dress rehearsal.. (Six Stitches). And Bonked my head standing up from under a cabinet. (No stitches, just blood on Sunday Night).  

The Click track cable failed just before the Sunday Night concert, so I made an announcement, pulled the cable from under 50 people and restrung it and it ended fine. (I ran the sound), 

Did I say that I got two spotlights and children's Chorus risers from the local high school.  The woman who sang "Slumber Song" is a show director who just recently became a hero to the school district by producing and directing a play.  She made $2,600 for the district.  (Doors were opened.)  

I got 3 octaves of bells loaned to us from a church in Keokuk after much prayer and effort.  (Doors opened)  

The Patriarch of the Community of Christ Church in Nauvoo  was in the choir and even gave the opening prayer Sunday night. One Presbyterian choir member got her minister father from Hamilton to attend and also her Carthage minister.  (Doors opened)  

I gave 1 radio interview, one newspaper interview, and appeared on a local Quincy TV news show.  

Here's what the Mission President emailed to Nancy and I.

Elder and Sister Schultz,

  You should be feeling a great deal of joy and satisfaction this morning as you reflect on the accomplishment of the week.  Congratulations on two outstanding and spiritual performances.  You did it!  It came together in a wonderful way.  Many, many hearts of members and nonmembers were touched and the stake members were unified and brought together at Christmas time in an important way.  Well done.  I commend you both and all those who assisted you.   

  Larry Gibbons

So Thank you Randy. for helping the missionary work here in Nauvoo.  I love you guys to bits.


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