Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 2- First Week in Nauvoo, Illinois

Hi Everyone!
    Time has passed so quickly and so much has happened that I can hardly remember the last time I wrote. 

  Well after three days of driving to Nauvoo, we finally arrived on Saturday morning in time to meet with the Mission President. Then we received our housing instructions, had a van tour of the city, and went to our new home to unpack! We have a beautiful old pioneer home up by the downtown area, only a few blocks from the temple. We have the whole home! It has been remodeled inside with a new kitchen, bathroom, utility room with all new appliances, and new flooring and carpet! We absolutely love it! It has 2 bedrooms. It is completely furnished with beds, tables, couch, chairs, a dining set, and a piano!!! And the kitchen is stocked with dishes, glasses, pots, utensils, a microwave, new fridge and stove. All we brought was bedding and towels, and clothes. The charm of the old home is still there with the thick would trim around the doors, old kitchen cabinets (refinished) and thick walls. It reminds me of my grandma's home in Provo. 

Our living room. I love the original doors and framing! Then here's our kitchen, laundry room, bathroom.  We have lots of room... two bedrooms with 2 queen beds a fold out couch. We feel so blessed that they gave us a whole house with a piano, dining room furniture to feed 8, and a dishwasher and washer and dryer! No one else has a dishwasher.

Here's my bedroom and dad's. It's kind of nice having separate closets, drawers, etc.  But we sleep in his bed. It's bigger! Dad has a computer desk and a chair with a printer, etc to do genealogy.

     On Sunday we had church with all the senior couples and single sisters including the temple missionaries; about 150 of us.  More will be arriving within the next month to make a total of 300 of us! The mission is so well organized! Our new mission president, President Elder Larry Gibbons and his wife do not arrive until April 1st so the past First Counselor is acting President.  On Sunday evening, we had our first district meeting with our leaders (who welcomed us on Saturday night with homemade bread and soup!), Elder and Sister Murray from Cardston, Canada. There are 10 of us and 2 single sisters will join us later. We had a dinner together and then a spiritual discussion. It was so great! By the way a senior couple in our group, The Scott's are from Layton and are in Marsha and Steve's ward! What a small world!

     This morning we began training with a breakfast at the President's home! There were 4 of us new couples there. It was so nice to eat around the dining table together; eggs, biscuits with gravy, fresh fruit and muffins. Then we went around the table and told about ourselves. What diversity! One couple from Shelley, Idaho, another from Wyoming, one from Texas and us. We all have so many different life experiences to add to this mission: one is a saddle maker and will be a teamster over the horses and wagons; one couple are both educators and taught school' another couple ran a ranch and were the postmasters and ran a general store in their town; and then us! After that we went to the Visitors Center for training, and orientation. 

     When we sent the house pictures to our kids they were wondering who's guitar was in the corner because they had never heard him play. Neither had I!  Well, Dad bought a guitar in SLC.  And he knows how to play it! It freaks me out! I have been married 43 years and never knew he can play it! And in different keys! He is pretty good. 

   So after lunch, half of us went back to audition for the two shows they do here: Sunset on the Mississippi, and Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo.  We sang the Indiana song and In The Summertime while dad played his guitar. He also told funny jokes from his Blubber song and got everyone really laughing! The others mostly sang Primary songs or hymns, so we really surprised them! It was lots of fun!  The kids wanted to see him play so here we are for your enjoyment.  

     First impressions and feelings: We feel so honored and blessed to be here. We could feel a special spirit the minute we walked into the Mission Office.  It is very surreal that we are finally here. After 7 1/2 months of waiting, we are very ready to serve in any place we are needed. everyone has specific callings for a few months. Ours will be Assistant Leaders of the Visitors' Center. Plus, we will serve in all of the sites and be in the two shows. We feel this place is sacred, for all that occurred here in the early church, and the sacrifices that were made before being driven out. We have met many amazing people who have strong testimonies and talents.

     It is very very cold! Everyone says this is Spring and warmer, but it is usually in the 20's with the wind blowing constantly!  But we are so thrilled to be here, even though we miss you all!  Thank you for your support and encouragement!  Make sure you are living the commandments. Please do The  Big Four: Family Scriptures, Family Home Evening, Family Prayer and Attend the Temple once a month. You will have so many promised blessings by doing this!

We love you all!!

Elder and Sister Schultz 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 1- MTC Life

They fed the Senior Missionaries where our classes were. There are so many Senior Missionaries that they teach us at a Stake Center next to the MTC
Hi Everyone!
     We have had a wonderful week here since last Monday. We were mainly taught by young returned missionaries in our districts. We grew so close to them. Two single senior sisters are going to San Jose, CA mission, two others are going to Hungary, and Salt Lake City Temple exhibits. One senior couple is staying in their home stake, and then our two couples are going to Nauvoo.  We were taught about Preach My Gospel and how to teach people, and answer their questions. No longer is there a script you follow. We are to get to know the investigators and discover their needs and interests, and teach by the spirit, what we are prompted to teach. And mainly it is to teach the first principles of the gospel: faith, repentance, baptism, and the gift of the Holy Ghost. But within this is also to relate the Restoration of the Gospel, having a modern day prophet, and "inviting" them to read the Book of Mormon.  That is a "new" word for all of us: "invite" which is how the purpose of our mission starts; "invite others to come unto Christ by helping them ......." It is such a beautiful concept and so loving. I know what we have learned is from the Lord, and this fairly new program (within the last 4 years) will help the missionary work move forward at a faster pace- and is inspired by the general authorities. The spirit has been so strong in all of our classes. I am usually crying by the end. 

Here we are with Sister Marti Calder Shelley. She and her husband are going to Chicago. She used to teach seminary at the same time as me in the Placentia Stake.

   For two days we actually met with "investigators" who are actors that we teach them this new approach based on their experience. In most cases these persons had been nonmembers and joined the church, so they act like they were before. And it was a little hard at first, but we succeeded. We used the basics we were taught like getting to know them first, having a prayer to begin, and asking questions. Then teaching one basic principle, bearing testimony and challenging them to read the Book of Mormon, and pray about it. I know all you returned missionaries are chuckling, but it was such good practice for us both.
Our district with our morning instructor, Sister Holland (no relation to Elder Holland). A fun group with 4 widowed sisters.

Our afternoon MTC instructor, Elder Lystrup. He went to Japan on his mission.
     Our basic day went like this: Wake up at 6:30 a.m., study and pray together, get ready, breakfast at 7:30 a.m. and to our chapel devotional at 8:00 am. Usually one hour of a group meeting by a speaker; sometimes a former senior missionary couple who told about their mission, or the MTC director/president. Then we broke into our small districts in classrooms, and were taught. We had lunch right there in the cultural hall, then back to a group meeting, and to our classes again. We ended in time for dinner and had the evening for study, laundry, or a large group devotional with fantastic speakers; general authorities. These always included special musical numbers that were excellent! This has been the most wonderful experience for us both. I have loved every minute of it.

     On Friday we said goodbye to all the couples who are not going to Nauvoo and other visitors centers. That was kind of sad and hard for us to say goodbye. Then we had the weekend off, but we slept here at night. 
Us and the gang at Macaroni Grill in SLC.  Now back to the MTC. Sac. Mtg. is at 7:30 a.m.
    On Saturday we met Heather, James, who had driven down from Rexburg to see us, and Sam and Chan at dinner at Macaroni Grill in SLC. That was fun to spend time with them. Harrison had to work late. But after our sacrament meeting on Sunday morning, we went to Sam's where Heather cooked a delicious Sunday dinner of meat loaf (yes for her dad) creamy potatoes, corn and salad. Then she made rice krispy treats for dessert. Harrison was able to come for that. We had a great time visiting and laughing and singing! Then we had to say goodbye for 18 months. It doesn't get any easier. We had to do that in California with all our other children and grandchildren. But we know that our families will be blessed while we are gone. We have been promised that.

     Two days ago, on Monday we started training for visitors centers. There were 18 couples going to Nauvoo, Cove Fort, Palmyra and Mormon Battalion. We had a field trip in Salt Lake, and toured the visitors center there. We were taken down into the call centers, where missionaries answer their contacts, and others who have an interest in knowing more. What a blessing! They have many missionaries from different countries who speak several languages and can talk to these people all over the world! Then the rest of our training was back down at the MTC, and we learned how to greet people, what questions not to ask, how to speak from the heart with humility, and sincerity, and we did a lot of role playing with other couples. Tomorrow we meet until noon, and then start driving to Nauvoo after that.  We found out this week that we finally have a new mission president. President and Sister Hunter could not make it because of health issues, so our new president is President Larry Gibbons and his wife. They are from Texas. We are excited to meet them when we arrive. It is about a 1,800 mile drive so we are taking 3 days, and stopping at a few other historical sites, like Winter Quarters, and others. We are trying to follow the actual trail the pioneers took through Wyoming and across Nebraska and Iowa.

Guess where?  Cracker Barrel in Lincoln, Nebraska

      I want you all to know what a stronger testimony I have received while being here in the MTC. The gospel is true and more than ever before, I know that the Savior loves me, and knows me personally. I love Him and want to show Him by serving this mission to the best of my ability. Keep loving your children and grandchildren! Don't take anything for granted! Most of all Keep His Commandments! That is all He asks of you!  And I challenge all of you to plan on serving a mission when your children are raised and you are able to.

Thank you to all who have made this possible for us to go! You know who you are. I love you all!

Mom and Dad

Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 1- We're Here!

Here's where we go.  Illinois Nauvoo Mission, PO Box 215, Nauvoo, IL 62354

Orientation Done.  In our room that is like a brand new hotel. Internet. Queen Bed. Exercise Room. Cafeteria. Free Time.

Checked in and  parked.  In training now.

Hi Everyone!
We are finally here in the MTC! We checked in this morning at about 11 am.  This past weekend was spent driving up here. We left on Thursday at about 5pm after running many last minute errands. We drove to St George and stayed with Chris and Simcah Reid.  On Friday we visited the Pioneer Museum there and Brigham Young's winter home. We were trying to get into the "pioneer spirit". We ended our day in Salt Lake by visiting temple square and staying with Harrison in his new basement apartment. The next morning we met our son, Sam, and kids at IHOP for breakfast.  That was fun to see them. Then we spent the rest of the day at the Pioneer Museum! So interesting! Please take your children there to see it if you can.

That night we went to the Lebanese restaurant where our son, Harrison, works. Delicious food and great food! We stayed at Sam's, went to church with them and I fixed a chicken pillows for a home-cooked lunch. Our nieces, Michelle and Wendy (Worsley) invited us to dinner on Sunday night. So all the Utah Worsleys were there.

Wow! so much fun! But we needed to wind down so we went to a hotel to prepare spiritually that nite!

To say that our first day here was amazing would be putting it mildly! They were so organized and prepared to welcome us! So many wonderful volunteers to help us unload, check into our brand new rooms that look like a Marriott! People walked us through every step! When we put on our name tags for the first time I started to cry! Which I continued to do the rest of that day off and on! After getting our travel plans, our MTC meal cards, keys to our rooms, we had an orientation in the chapel next to the MTC. We met the MTC presidency and their wives. They had us introduce ourselves one by one! There were about 100 senior couples who checked in today! 16 couples are going to Nauvoo. What a variety of places they were going to like Tonga, Hawaii, Ukraine (scary), Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, England, Ghana and many states.

Then the presidency spoke and they called a few out of the audience to bear their testimonies. Then we had lunch right there in the cultural hall, and returned for more direction of the week's schedule by a couple called to do just that: orient the senior missionaries. We then were divided into 13 districts to meet in smaller classrooms with teachers the rest of the week!

We finished around 4 pm to go unpack and have dinner and relax. In all, it was a great day filled with the spirit and we are so excited to be learning so much, and to finally be here!

We love you all and will miss you so much, but they gave us a wonderful scripture in Matthew 19:29 that gives us a lot of encouragement and promise from the Lord:
       "And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother,or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life."
I know that we and all of you will be blessed a hundredfold! for our being on this mission. Keep doing what's right, teach your children the gospel and love them!!! Give all our grandchildren hugs and kisses from Grammy and Grampa!

If you want to have them write to us this is our address until March 19:
    Elder Harry S Schultz
    Sister Nancy L Schultz
     Illinois Nauvoo Mission
     Provo MTC
     2005 N 900 E
     Provo, UT 84604
We aren't given a postal box because we aren't here long enough. They just file it by last name.
The rules are pretty lenient for senior couples. We can use cell phones and can sign out and leave since we have our own car. So if it is really important you can text or call us. You can also email us. we have our own computer and phones to check it. 

Love Mom and Dad

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our Drive to the MTC

Minus 3 days until the MTC.  Stayed at our niece's house, Simcah and Chris Reid in St. George.  Then we toured a St. George Museum and the Brigham Young Winter Home.

"Minus 3 days until the MTC.  Hanging in SLC at night with my missionary companion!"-Harry

1 Day until the MTC.  Hanging with the Worsley kin, Nancy's sister, Cheryl's family.  Thanks for the great family time.  Great people with much love and terrific food.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Beginning of our Adventure

And we're off!  It's hard saying goodbye, but we're so excited to finally begin this new chapter! Thank you to all who have supported us!  We love you all!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Missionary Breakfast- An end after 26 Years!

We've been doing Missionary Breakfast for 26 years.  Even when we rented out our home, our friends The Edmunds, graciously let us continue the tradition. Today was the last day that tradition happened until we return.  However, I'm sure there are plenty of missionaries in Nauvoo who will love to come for breakfast!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Friend 50's Going Away Party

 Our friends threw us a fun going away party!  We had a blast! Here's the invitation.

Doo-wop Bop She Bop Farewell
Harry and Nancy Schultz

When:  Saturday, March 1st~7:00 PM
Where:  Poplar Building
Entertainment featuring the sweet sounds of Street Harmonies beginning at 7:30 PM
Bring a finger food or munchie to share (if you would like)
Bring out your 50’s penny loafers, Levis, and poodle skirts — be hip!
Adults only, please

 We're going to miss you all!!!