Sunday, February 23, 2014

Farewell Festivities part 3- Luncheon after sacrament meeting

Sunday morning was our official farewell. Such a wonderful meeting.  So many friends and family there to support us which really meant so much to us!  Sam, Harrison, Mossi and Ryan sang a quartet of Harry's arrangement of I Need Thee Every Hour with the choir backing them up.  It was so wonderful and spiritual. We can't believe how many people were there to support us.  We have a lot of great family and friends!

Afterward we had a luncheon at our good friends, Mike & Sally Edmunds' home. There were over 200 people there.  We had cold cuts, rolls and salads, as well as cookies and cakes, sodas and waters.

Our nephew Mark Startup and his wife Misty Startup
We also took a few minutes to take family pictures.  Wow, how our family has grown! Only missing Brian and Christy's family with their 3 kids.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Farewell Festivities, part 2- Nighttime BBQ

Saturday night we had a BBQ and testimony meeting. Everyone expressed themselves and it was very spiritual. Lots of tears and emotions. We were so grateful for all our kids coming for this weekend!  

Farewell Festivities part 1-Heather's Baby Shower

Since most of our family lives across a few states, we decided to make a whole weekend of festivities.  To begin, our youngest daughter, Heather, is expecting her first baby so we threw her a baby shower.  Picnic Themed!

Heather's friend, Whitney

Close friends, Sharla Watene, Heather Williams and Pepper Buhrley

From Left to Right... Our daughter, Nanette Steimle, Heather's Sister-In-Law Jordyn Ingram and Heather's friend, Lindsey Ortiz and then in the back our Daughter-in-Law, Katie Schultz (Ben) in the back

Granddaughter Piper Steimle and our daughter Nanette Steimle

Me with my girls... only one missing is Christy who lives in Germany.
L-R: Nanette Steimle, Ruth Schultz (Scott), Heather Georgianna, Amber Buhrley & Katie Schultz (Ben)

All of my immediate sisters and sisters-in-law all together. It's been a long time.
Back Row L-R: Dianne Ingram, DeAnne Stidham, Lynnae Knapp, Linda Startup, Me, Cheryl Worsley
Front Row L-R: Carol Startup, Karen Berrett, Marsha Fershtut

Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 20, 2014 - Getting packed up to move

We packed up our house pretty early and stayed with friends. We found renters for our house, and didn't think we would have so long to wait before our mission call came.  Floods of memories came as we packed up our home.  I was proud of myself for getting rid of most of the things we didn't need.  Lots of love came from all over to help us.  People came to help repair the roof and other stuff.   We're very excited, however, to get started serving the Lord.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Called to Serve

Be looking for this invitation in your mail (or on your car window -- I had to order lots and lots!)