Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014-Nancy's Report on show & Harrison for Christmas

Hey everyone. I wanted to tell you how well our shows went this past weekend! I will split the pictures between my description and Dad's that will be dated December 30.

Yesterday, after church we served in the Visitors' Center then ran home to eat at 2:00 and had to be at the church again by 3:30 to reset the show. We had to take most if it down for the other wards yesterday. My son, Harrison, flew out here to spend Christmas with us and help us and he was so great! He was like the stage manager and got everyone on and off with cues especially the Nativity people. He also was a shepherd. 

Well.... My friend Sally was right! Heavenly Father blessed us with the performances. Saturday was really like the dress rehearsal with a few minor glitches with sound and the choir dragging behind the orchestra and music tape. But the audience couldn't tell. And the choir monitors weren't working well so they couldn't hear the music. But all in all, it was amazing!! 

The temple recorder, Brother Rick Marshall is a conductor and conducted the whole thing! Harry sat in the back and ran the sound board and video feed.  The only problem we had was last night, right in the beginning, Rick's ear piece wasn't working so he couldn't hear the music through the monitors so everyone waited 10 minutes while they traced the problem and fixed it. I was sweating bullets and praying so hard. But they finally did and the whole evening was perfect!!!  

The tech part it was mind boggling! Our F M guys (Facilities Management) built 2 light trees and we got 2 spot lights from the high school. 2 theatre students from the college in Quincy came and ran the lights. Then there were videos that went with the songs along with live video feed of the show. When the videos of Christ (taken from the church videos) were shown on the screen in the chapel and in the back for the cultural hall. 

Me with half of our 35-person children's choir

Where the Live Nativity went
We decorated the chapel with large wreaths, garland, red velvet bows, and 2 dozen poinsettias everywhere. They approved twinkle lights too! We also removed 3 rows of pews to fit all the orchestra. We also had to coordinate a 65-voice choir (mostly stake people and some senior missionaries), 16-bell choir, 35 person children's choir that I directed, and a 16-piece orchestra! 

The worst thing that happened was Friday night Harry hit his head on a speaker and had to get 6 stitches!!! Then last night he went into the storage closet to check electrical stuff and hit his head again in a different place and was bleeding right before the show. Harrison helped clean it up, and he had to get more stitches this morning!!! 

On Saturday night before the show we held a VIP reception (Harry's idea) for city and churches dignitaries, i.e., ministers, mayors, chambers of commerce, etc.  The mission had it catered and 50 people came!! We reserved seats for them too! We are just so amazed at the outpouring of love and support!!!

I am so grateful to all who helped to make it happen.  The first night we had about 600 people, and the second over 700 persons came!! People came from all over and many many nonmembers. We were overwhelmed with the support!! We got standing ovations!! 

One of the biggest treats this time of year was that my son, Harrison was able to come visit and spend Christmas with us.  He was a huge help with the program! He was like the stage manager, making sure people came on stage with their cues such as the live Nativity (he was even one of the shepherds) and was an errand runner. 

Us Christmas morning.  Still waking us up early!
We also went touring together on our prep day. We had fun with him at the historical sites and going out for dinner, and viewing the Christmas lights in Keokuk. Harry gave Harrison his pioneer hat (he has 2) and we thought he looked Amish with his beard and long curly hair.

We were sad when we had to say goodbye to Harrison. It's always hard to see them leave.  Until next time Harrison!

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