Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10-MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT & Letter from Mission Presidency

From Harry:

Hi Kids.
       I know Mom usually writes, but today it's me. We miss all of you so much and look forward to seeing all of you either next summer or after our mission.  

       I've attached a letter from our Mission Presidency applauding the Christmas concert Mom and I put together last month.  Apparently, it was a whopping success from the view of everyone here.  Because of that, the Mission President talked to us about extending our mission in order to do another Christmas Concert on December 19 & 20th this year.  We said yes and he just received the okay from Salt Lake to extend our mission.

       Our new release date is December 22, 2015 (instead of September 10) of this year and we plan to be home late Christmas Eve back to Brea.  We feel we are doing a great work here in helping the Church to grow and make friends in this area.

       Thank you all for your support. Remember to live the gospel.  It's the way to protect yourself from some problems and the way to be strong to face the other problems.
We love you all so much. 

Mom an Dad

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