Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2-A personal letter to my children

Dear Family,

            I wanted to write you separately from our regular newsy letter to tell you a few things that are more personal, and to give you some counsel from your parents. I have been pondering on many things lately, since we have been out here on our mission, and I want to share them with all of you.

            We are having a wonderful experience out here. We are so surprised at how much missionary work we are able to do in teaching nonmembers. In the Visitors Center today on Sunday, the people who came in were mostly nonmembers traveling and wanted to see this historical city. One couple was so receptive, took a referral card and filled it out. Dad talked to many others. I manned the desk and gave out maps and told them what to see. All of the pioneer sites are open on Sunday. Dad jokes that people can smell that he used to be a nonmember, and are drawn to him. He can relate to their questions and doubts, and bears a strong testimony to them. I will write more about the news part of the mission in my other letter.

            We ask for your faith and prayers to help us learn and perform our vignette in the Rendezvous show. We start performing on June 17, and are very nervous. We have had to memorize over 6 pages of dialogue with just the two of us on stage. We are putting our faith in the Lord to help us do this. We will have 2 shows a night once a week. We only do it for six months, but this will be the busiest six months during the summer months. We also speak in church next week on “following the prophet.” Our meetings are packed with 300 missionaries, including 40 Young Performing Missionaries, and the 20 single sister missionaries. And many visitors now that it is summer. It looks like stake conference each week.

Dad and I would like to give you some counsel:
1.     PLEASE TEACH YOUR CHILDREN THE GOSPEL! Are you having Family Home Evenings and not just playing but really teaching them gospel principles? You must know how serious these last days are before the savior comes again. Your children need to be strong to withstand the temptations out there. Teach them about the Savior and His atonement.
2.     PLEASE PRAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN. Besides family prayers every day, help them get in the habit of saying personal prayers. Teach them how to do it, and talk to Heavenly Father. Also pray in the mornings before they go out the door to school, etc.
3.     PLEASE READ SCRIPTURES DAILY WITH THEM! Have them read if they can. Don’t just read to them. Even if you do one verse do it EVERYDAY! Tonight we had a great lesson from our mission president on being spiritually educated in the scriptures. He said it will not matter how much you learned in your vocation, or education, or how much money you earn! But we must make our daily decisions on “a solid, deep foundation in the scriptures!” Our true HAPPINESS depends on our knowledge of the gospel. Do we have only a fifth grade education of spiritual things? We need to have doctorate degrees. Every night open your scriptures- keep them by your bed and read a few scriptures- then ponder them as you fall asleep.
4.     PLEASE KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS! Don’t just say you are an LDS member! Truly live it every day! Keep your temple covenants! They are promises you made to the Lord which are serious. They should not be taken lightly. If you don’t have a recommend, get one as soon as possible. Make this a high priority! Honor your priesthood, sons! This is power to lead your families and heal them when they are sick or hurting. Call on this power. And go to the temple monthly. You are giving up important blessings that are yours, by not going. Dad and I are going every week. We feel such peace and comfort there. You will too! Do the basics: Go to church, pay your full tithing, do the above things, do your church callings, LOVE your children, hug them! Then also love all your neighbors, friends, nonmembers, be an EXAMPLE!

            I want you all to realize that you are truly from “Royal Heritage” in this gospel! I am out here, and it is hitting me hard how blessed and great it is to be an actual descendant from Hyrum Smith, a great man, church patriarch, valiant in his commitment to helping the new church get started. He was always there for Joseph. PLEASE NEVER TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED! Live your lives to honor them! They gave up their lives for this gospel. Where much is given, much is expected. You were all valiant spirits in the pre-existence. Please know this and follow the Savior. He loves you, and died for you. All He asks is that you try hard and keep His commandments.

Dad and I Love you all very much! We feel honored to be your parents.
We Love and miss you!
Mom and Dad (Elder and Sister Schultz)

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