Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1, 2014- Memorial Day BBQ, Crutches, Rendezvous, Visitors

Dear Family and Friends,

I apologize for not writing now for 2 weeks, but life got crazy during the Memorial weekend. All the new shows opened, and we are in full swing on our summer schedule. Our visitors center opens at 7:30 am until 7:00 pm. So we are there by 7:15 am. Over that weekend we averaged over 1,000 visitors a day, and continue to have that many, sometimes even more. There are shows, films, vignettes, brass band concerts, going all day long. We also provide wagon and carriage rides, and offer handcart pulls, and oxen rides. There is so much to do here. It is all very exciting!

             Last week Harry stood up from a table in the Visitors Center, and turned and wrenched his hip muscle. He couldn’t even move. He was on crutches and in bed for a few days. Finally it relaxed and he could walk again. It was on the side of his hip replacement so we were very worried, but relieved it wasn’t more serious.

            We are performing The Sunset Mississippi Show on the outdoor stage two nights a week, and the Rendezvous Show 2 nights also. And we start performing our vignette as Peter and Abigail in two weeks, so we are trying to memorize our dialogue and rehearse the blocking. Kind of nervous about it!

Here I am crocheting a baby blanket for Heather right before a show

            This past week we had our friends Bob and LeeAndra Lowe come and visit us. They were on their way to Utah from Nashville, Tenn. So they stayed with us for 2 days. We had so much fun! They went to all the shows here too! We packed a lot in those 2 days! LeeAndra and I grew up together in Pasadena, and sang in a trio all through high school and college. She was on the Young Ambassador tour when Harry and I met and fell in love. They have a wonderful performing family who play many instruments, sing and dance. They were in Branson in a theater for 10 years!

            This mission works hard and we are busy, but we also play too! This week we have a cast barbecue, and a mission breakfast on Friday. The barbecue is only for about 65 of us, but the breakfast is for all to say goodbye to missionaries leaving and welcome new ones in. We also celebrate birthdays with lots of treats every night before a show. It is hard to stay on diets here! Ha!

And I made our back door a prettier entrance by planting flowers.  Neat great girls! All sharp, full of personality and strong testimonies! They will all make great wives and mothers! Sister Newell (in red shirt is daughter of Lloyd Newell, the moderator/speaker for The Spoken Word every Sunday with the Tabernacle Choir. 

Sisters L-R Sister Gines, Morales, Poulsen, Hansen
Back row: Sister Hall, Richardson, Hoyt
Front Bending Over: Sister Newell, Munro, Hintze, Etherington and Searle

These are the co-site leaders with us in the visitors center L-R: The Christiansens from Orem and The PIncocks from Rigby, ID. Great people.

            One of the programs that just opened here is “The Promise.” It is a musical with singing and dancing performed by the Young Missionaries. 

            I am blown away by their amazing talent. They have learned all the dialogue, and music, and dances in less than a month. Also they perform a play and puppet show down in the sites. They also sing and clog in the Sunset show with us. The Nauvoo Brass band consisting of 20 young members plays concerts daily, and they ride around Nauvoo on a wagon through the streets playing. They also accompany us for our shows. They have all their music memorized! It is amazing and we are enjoying all these young people so much!

We had some couples over last night for pizza and to watch the Lincoln movie. Of course Dad had to setup a “theatre.” 

And I made our back door a prettier entrance by planting flowers.

            We continue to serve in the visitors center and meet wonderful interesting people every day. We love being here and are so grateful to have this opportunity to serve the Lord. The gospel is true and we want to share it with everyone!

Love Elder and Sister Schultz

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