Sunday, February 23, 2014

Farewell Festivities part 3- Luncheon after sacrament meeting

Sunday morning was our official farewell. Such a wonderful meeting.  So many friends and family there to support us which really meant so much to us!  Sam, Harrison, Mossi and Ryan sang a quartet of Harry's arrangement of I Need Thee Every Hour with the choir backing them up.  It was so wonderful and spiritual. We can't believe how many people were there to support us.  We have a lot of great family and friends!

Afterward we had a luncheon at our good friends, Mike & Sally Edmunds' home. There were over 200 people there.  We had cold cuts, rolls and salads, as well as cookies and cakes, sodas and waters.

Our nephew Mark Startup and his wife Misty Startup
We also took a few minutes to take family pictures.  Wow, how our family has grown! Only missing Brian and Christy's family with their 3 kids.

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  1. AAAAckkk! I love this family so much! I am loving these posts!