Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18- Cold Weather, Vignette, Site Leaders

Dear Friends and Family,

            Sorry we haven’t written for a couple of weeks, but the Internet was down all over the mission for a week, and we couldn’t send any emails out. The temple here is closed November 1st for cleaning and refurbishing, and they were re-wiring and updating all of the computers and telephones, which also affected us.

            Holy smokes!!! It has gotten so cold here! Last Monday November 9th it was in the 60’s, and then overnight we had snow. Now it has been in the low 20’s and high teens. Those who said this is a “different” kind of cold weren’t kidding. We have lived in Utah and Idaho, and they don’t compare to this, with the humidity. The wind blows constantly off the Mississippi, so the wind chill factor makes it worse. We are definitely Californians learning to winterize ourselves.

            Here’s some more pics of us on stage in our vignette (taken by a friend missionary). 

Four sister missionaries enjoying the autumn in front of John Taylor home.

            Wonderful things are happening in this mission, in spite of our numbers of people being down. Many families with small children are still coming to visit. They are taking them them out of school and visiting Nauvoo on purpose. Many come from other neighboring states like Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, and the East coast. Busloads of different Mormon Church History groups are coming, and other Senior groups too. We were just called to take over as Site Leaders for the Visitors’ Center, when the Pincocks leave in December. That will give us more responsibility. Besides greeting guests, we will be in charge of scheduling the theaters for big groups, and coordinating with the tickets and tours people. We will be even busier than we are now. But it is exciting and we feel honored to serve there.

Our dear friends, The Pattens came to Nauvoo. We were at Carthage so they came there.
They only had one day because they are moving to Florida.
Will be on Gulf side south of Tampa. A job transfer. It was so good to see them.
Their kids are very cute. Noah is so tall! He reminds me of Sam at that age. 

            They split our 2 casts for the Rendezvous show into 3 again. They felt we needed to have an extra night, and only perform twice a week. We are relieved, but it is hard to learn new parts, and get familiar with “new people.” We had 2 casts as of September and we were just getting used to that. But we have grown close to everyone in this mission and feel they are our new best friends; such wonderful, hardworking people who love this gospel and want to serve the Lord. We will certainly miss them when we all go home. We have already lost over 80 missionaries in the past 2 months, which has been really hard to say goodbye. We miss their enthusiasm and spirits.

Learning to make rolls from Elder Bogaski a master baker who worked for
Great Harvest in Albequerque, NM.
            This Saturday is our Thanksgiving event. We are pleased with the response from all the 12 wards and branches in the stake. We have about 125 nonmembers and less actives coming. We will take them to tour the sites, (I am one of the 3 tour guides to take them around) and then put on a big Thanksgiving dinner up at the church. Elder Schultz and I are in charge of the program and entertainment there.

            But our biggest event is coming on Dec. 20th and 21st. Our “Miracle of Christmas” concert  is really coming together. What great support we are having, and miracles have literally taken place for this to happen. We feel the Lord’s hand in this. Everyone we ask to help, and be part of it, have enthusiastically said, “Yes!” From the orchestra director, the choir director, Brother Marshall, the 70 voices and 30 children, and we finally got bells last week! We had hit dead ends but we contacted a United Brethren church and they lent us 3 octaves!! We are so excited and they have been rehearsing! The Sewing Department made 40 women’s red scarves, and people are donating time and help with publicity, flyers, posters, and more. It will be amazing. I wish you all were here to witness it.

            I know I have said it in past letters, but my testimony continues to grow and grow. I love and revere the prophet, Joseph Smith. What a mighty spiritual man he was, to be worthy to organize this church, with the priesthood, and all the revelations that are in the Doctrine and Covenants. He had so much persecution, and spent much time in jail away from his family. And Emma sacrificed too, carrying on without him, and being alone most of the time. I don’t know how these people did it! I am constantly amazed at their strength and faith. I love these early saints, and all they did to pave the way for this gospel to move forward. I feel so humble to represent them here, and honored that the Lord has called us here. I really want you all to come out here some time in the next 9 months before we go home and experience this wonderful place!

Can you believe on December 10th will be our half way point?
            I think about you all very often, and miss all of you. Thank you for writing to us, because it means so much, and helps us not be homesick.

Love you all,

Elder and Sister Schultz

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