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August 20-Saying goodbye, Nauvoo on the Road & Special Video

Abe Lincoln and us

Dear Family and Friends,

            Things have certainly slowed down after the pageant ended. The young performing missionaries left the week later. We were so sad to have them leave. We have grown very close to them, because of working in the visitors center, we saw them every day, coming and going to their various performances. We were at their bus as they pulled out of town, and our hearts ached. We are going to miss them so much! What wonderful young people they are, with strong testimonies and spirits. They added a lot to our mission here.
Young Sister Missionaries with 1 Senior Geezer

Amazing sister missionaries

            Now we are preparing ourselves to say goodbye to our young single sister missionaries. Half of them leave this week to go home after 18 months, and half go on their outbound assignments to other missions around the U.S. We will see them next spring when they come back to serve over the busy summer. Harry and I, and 2 other couple missionaries are throwing them a goodbye dinner/party tonight at the visitors center. Again, our hearts are being torn apart. We love them, almost like our own daughters.

From Instagram-We are the Illinois State Fair with "Nauvoo on the Road." Springfield, Illinois
            The most wonderful experience we have had was the last two weekends when we took Nauvoo On The Road (NOR) to the Illinois State Fair. It is hard to explain the many miracles that happened for us to be there. Just know it was meant to be, and Heavenly Father really wanted it to happen. This assignment was given to us to head it up in June. We contacted them, and they asked us to come appear in the Looking for Lincoln area, right inside the front gate of the fair- a Prime location! This is a first for the mission. Always before they wanted us to pay for a booth, and put us in the back somewhere remote, so we never went. But now they asked us to come as guests. 

Dad with Elder Broadhead and Elder Ballard
           We volunteered to also bring the young performing singers and Nauvoo Brass Band to perform theme music. The theme of the fair was “Making Memories.” They were so excited for us to come and provide this free entertainment. NOR is a portable trailer that we take to various small events around the local area, i.e. fairs, festivals, carnivals, etc. But this is a big deal!! This fair has over a million people attend it each year, many coming from Chicago and all over. Two couples are assigned to set it up with a rope making machine, demonstrations of making candles, bread, bricks, and pioneer games for the children. 

The Young Performing Missionaries performed on opening day, right after the ribbon cutting ceremony by the governor. Then because they left the next week, we took some young single sisters to help with games, and sing, and also some senior musical numbers; those who played violin, banjo, harmonicas, etc. to play the music of that period; the 1840s-1860s. We all wore our pioneer clothes. We went the next Friday and Saturday too! 

From Instagram "Singing with Lincoln and Harriet Tubman. We are in the Looking for Lincoln exhibit on the front lawn by the main gate! We are doing demonstrations on making rope, bricks, candles and have pioneer games for kids. Meeting tons of people and sharing Nauvoo." (Don't miss the surprise video at the end of this post.)



Nauvoo brass band did a concert at the Opening day w Governor
This is our Mission pres Elder Larry Gibbons and his wife Sister LaDawn Gibbons with Abe Lincoln

Governor of Illinois and Abe at fair

Our young Performing Missionaries at the fair

Abe Lincoln with Miss Hancock County

Demonstrations of rope making, candles, bricks, bread making and pioneer games for kids

        Here are pictures I think you will love. Two women came dressed like Lincoln era women and one started w just a slip and pantaloons and the other dressed her. They called it "Dressing for tea!" So many layers w corset, hoops, slips, blouse, jackets, skirts, boot, socks! It was amazing! 

            The reception we received was amazing, and they have already asked us to come back next year! We gave out hundreds of pamphlets, and had tons of people stop and want to participate! The majority had never even heard of Nauvoo. Our purpose is to have them want them to come, and learn more about the saints who lived here, and their faith in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also, I want to send a video of the Lincoln look-a-like giving the Gettysburg address. It made me cry and I want to share it w everyone.

Here are a few more miscellaneous pictures!
A girl from back home. Madison Raine. EFY brings great friends. Beautiful! 

A birthday shoutout to our son, Sam!  Happy birthday!

A post from our daughter from Germany is visiting in California and took a picture of our plaque. She says it makes her proud!

            We are loving our mission, especially the people we work with. They are so loving and helpful. We feel like a “Zion people” here. It is exciting to be part of this amazing missionary work! I have a strong testimony of this restored gospel, and know that what we are doing is important. My testimony of Joseph Smith being a prophet whom the Lord called to help restore His church in these last days has grown so much. Please come visit us, and feel the amazing spirit of Nauvoo, with its majestic temple on the hill. Start planning now to come next summer if you can, during the pageant!

We love you all, and you are in our prayers, as I hope we are in yours.

Love Elder and Sister Schultz (Mom and Dad)

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