Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014- Visits from Laura Kenney Whipple and Family

We were visited by family last week.  Laura Kenney Whipple is my first cousin, Jimae Kenney's daughter.  Here is a letter from her to my daughter, Christy.

Hi Christy,
It was so fun to see your parents in Nauvoo last week!  We did this big church history trip with our oldest two girls, flying into Palmyra, then onto Kirtland, and then Nauvoo.

My oldest, Alyssa (13) was so excited to do baptisms in the Nauvoo Temple, and was so looking forward to it.  As we drove into Nauvoo, my husband realized he didn't pack any church clothes! Augh!!  I called my mom to see if she had Aunt Nancy's phone number, thinking at least Kevan could borrow a white shirt and tie from your dad.  As my mom was looking into getting me a number, we walked into the visitor's center and who is the first missionary I see?  Your Mom!  She gave me a big hug and I introduced my family to her. 

Your dad was just around the corner, and he quickly came to say hello and also gave me a hug.  I count it as a little tender mercy that I was able to locate them so quickly without the  use of cell phones.  Anyway, your dad showed us the visitor's center movie, and they came to check in on us after they were done that day.  We enjoyed dinner with them that evening in Keokuk.  The next day, we saw them both in action, your dad at the Brick Yard and your mom at the Heber C. Kimball home.  They both did a great job.  We had even more fun seeing them in their debut performance of the "Nauvoo Rendezvous" that night.  It was a quick visit, but I'm grateful we had the chance to see them both.

I hope you are doing well out the in Germany... I think of your adventures often and sometimes wish my family was able to explore Europe like you are.

much love,

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