Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 1- We're Here!

Here's where we go.  Illinois Nauvoo Mission, PO Box 215, Nauvoo, IL 62354

Orientation Done.  In our room that is like a brand new hotel. Internet. Queen Bed. Exercise Room. Cafeteria. Free Time.

Checked in and  parked.  In training now.

Hi Everyone!
We are finally here in the MTC! We checked in this morning at about 11 am.  This past weekend was spent driving up here. We left on Thursday at about 5pm after running many last minute errands. We drove to St George and stayed with Chris and Simcah Reid.  On Friday we visited the Pioneer Museum there and Brigham Young's winter home. We were trying to get into the "pioneer spirit". We ended our day in Salt Lake by visiting temple square and staying with Harrison in his new basement apartment. The next morning we met our son, Sam, and kids at IHOP for breakfast.  That was fun to see them. Then we spent the rest of the day at the Pioneer Museum! So interesting! Please take your children there to see it if you can.

That night we went to the Lebanese restaurant where our son, Harrison, works. Delicious food and great food! We stayed at Sam's, went to church with them and I fixed a chicken pillows for a home-cooked lunch. Our nieces, Michelle and Wendy (Worsley) invited us to dinner on Sunday night. So all the Utah Worsleys were there.

Wow! so much fun! But we needed to wind down so we went to a hotel to prepare spiritually that nite!

To say that our first day here was amazing would be putting it mildly! They were so organized and prepared to welcome us! So many wonderful volunteers to help us unload, check into our brand new rooms that look like a Marriott! People walked us through every step! When we put on our name tags for the first time I started to cry! Which I continued to do the rest of that day off and on! After getting our travel plans, our MTC meal cards, keys to our rooms, we had an orientation in the chapel next to the MTC. We met the MTC presidency and their wives. They had us introduce ourselves one by one! There were about 100 senior couples who checked in today! 16 couples are going to Nauvoo. What a variety of places they were going to like Tonga, Hawaii, Ukraine (scary), Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, England, Ghana and many states.

Then the presidency spoke and they called a few out of the audience to bear their testimonies. Then we had lunch right there in the cultural hall, and returned for more direction of the week's schedule by a couple called to do just that: orient the senior missionaries. We then were divided into 13 districts to meet in smaller classrooms with teachers the rest of the week!

We finished around 4 pm to go unpack and have dinner and relax. In all, it was a great day filled with the spirit and we are so excited to be learning so much, and to finally be here!

We love you all and will miss you so much, but they gave us a wonderful scripture in Matthew 19:29 that gives us a lot of encouragement and promise from the Lord:
       "And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother,or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life."
I know that we and all of you will be blessed a hundredfold! for our being on this mission. Keep doing what's right, teach your children the gospel and love them!!! Give all our grandchildren hugs and kisses from Grammy and Grampa!

If you want to have them write to us this is our address until March 19:
    Elder Harry S Schultz
    Sister Nancy L Schultz
     Illinois Nauvoo Mission
     Provo MTC
     2005 N 900 E
     Provo, UT 84604
We aren't given a postal box because we aren't here long enough. They just file it by last name.
The rules are pretty lenient for senior couples. We can use cell phones and can sign out and leave since we have our own car. So if it is really important you can text or call us. You can also email us. we have our own computer and phones to check it. 

Love Mom and Dad

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